Machines of Industrial Drying Systems


Spray drying is a suspended particle processing  technique that utilizes liquid atomization to prepare droplets that are dried to individual particles when moved in a hot gaseous drying medium, usually air.




spray dryer system


Examples of spray-dried products on industrial scale

include the following:

Chemical industry, e.g., phenol–formaldehyde resin, catalysts, PVC emulsion-type, aminoacids, etc.

Ceramic industry, e.g., aluminium oxide, carbides,iron oxide, kaolin, etc.

Dyestuffs and pigments, e.g., chrome yellow, food color, titanium dioxide, paint pigments,etc.

Fertilizers, e.g., nitrates, ammonium salts, phosphates,etc.

Detergent and surface-active agents, e.g., detergent enzymes, bleach powder, emulsifying agents, etc.

Food industry, e.g., milk, whey, egg, soya protein,etc.

Fruits and vegetables, e.g., banana, tomato, coconut milk, etc.

Carbohydrates, e.g., glucose, total sugar, maltodextrine, etc.

Beverage, e.g., coffee, tea, etc.

Pharmaceuticals, e.g., penicillin, blood products, enzymes, vaccines, etc.

Biochemical industry, e.g., algae, fodder antibiotic, enzymes, etc.

Environmental pollution control, e.g., flue gas

desulfurization , black liquor from papermaking


İngilizce İngilizce
Chemical ProductsInorganic Chemical Products
AB And ABS LatexAbrasive Grits
Melamine Formaldehyde ResinAluminum (Metallic)
Phenol Formaldehyde ResinAluminum Chloride
Polyacrylate-Emulsion-TypeAluminum Hydroxide
PolyacrylonitrileAluminum Oxide
PolycarbonateAluminum Phosphate
PolyethyleneAluminum Silicate
PolyacetateAluminum Sulphate
Polyvinyl ButyrateAmmonium Chloride
Polyvinly Cehlorid (PVC)Ammonium Molybdate
Polyvinyl PyrroligoneAmmonium Nitrate
Polyvinyl TolueneAmmonium Phosphate
Rubber LatexAmmonium Sulphate
SBR LatexAntimony Sulphide
Urea Formaldehyde ResinArsenic Oxide
Ceramic ProductsBarium Carbonate
Aluminum Oxide (Alumina)Barium Chloride
Beryllium OxideBarium Hydroxide
CarbidesBarium Sulphate
CarborundumBarium Titanate
Electro-PorcelainBauxite Waste Liquor
FerriteBeryllium Dioxide
Glass PowderBismuth Aluminate
İnsulator MaterialBismuth Carbonate
İron OxideBorax
KaolinBoric Acid
Silicon DioxideBoron Phosphate
SteatiteCalcium Carbonate
TitanatesCalcium Chloride
Tungsten CarbideCalcium Hydroxide
Uranium OxideCalcium Chromate
Zinc OxideCalcium Hypochlorite
Soap And Detergent ProductsCalcium Phosphates
Detergent EnzymesCalcium Silicates
Dispersing AgentsCalcium Sulphate
Emulsifying AgentsCatalysts
Fatty Alcohol SulphateCement
Heavy-Duty DetergentsChrome-İron Oxide
Light-Duty DetergentsChromium Sulphate
Nitrilo Tri-Acetic Acid SaltsCopper Chloride
Optical BrightenerCopper Oxide
Phosphates Copper Oxychloride
Sodium Lauryl SulphateCopper Sulphate
 Pesticide ProductsCopper Sulphide
Calcium ArsenateCupric Oxide
Copper OxychlorideCryolite
Cuprous OxideFeldspar
2,4 DBA Sodium SaltFerric Sulphate
2,4,6 TBA Sodium SaltFerrous Sulphate
2,4 Dichloro-Phenoxyacetic AcidGraphite
2,4 Dichloro-Phenoxypropionic Acid Momo-MethylamineGypsum
Lead ArsenateLime Slurry
Methyl-Chloro-Phenoxyacetic AcidLithopone
Methyl-Chloro-Phenoxypropionic AcidLithium Chloride
Methyl-Chloro-Phenoxybutyric Acid Sodium SaltMagnesium Aluminum Silicate
Sodium Aluminum FluorideMagnesium Carbonate
Sodium FluorideMagnesium Chloride
Sulphur ColloidalMagnesium Oxide
Zinc Diethyl DithiocarbamateMagnesium Phosphates
Zinc Dimethyl DithiocarbamateMagnesium Sulphate
Dyestuff And Pigment ProductsMagnesium Trisilicate
Basic DyesMagnesium Uranate
Ceramic ColorsManganese Carbonate
Chrome-YellowManganese Chloride
Copper OxideManganese Oxide
Cosmetic ColorsManganese Sulphate
Formulated DyestuffsMolybdenum Disulphide
Food ColorsNickel Carbonate
Indigo DyeNickel Chloride
Ink PigmentsNickel Sulphide
Inorganic PigmentsPotassium Acetate
İron OxidePotassium Bicarbonate
KaolinPotassium Bichromate
LithoponePotassium Carbonate
Organic PigmentsPotassium Chlorite
Paint PigmentsPotassium Chromate
Paper ColorsPotassium Fluoride
Plastic PigmentsPotassium Metaphosphate
Soluble And Microdisperse Textile DyesPotassium Nitrate
Titanium DioxidePotassium Permanganate
Water ColorsPotassium Phosphate
Zinc ChromatePotassium Silicate
Zinc Potassium ChromatePowdered Metals
Zinc TetroxychromateSilica Gel
Fertilizer ProductsSilicon Dioxide
Nitrogen FertilizersSilicon Carbide
Ammonium SaltsSodium Aluminate
UreaSodium Aluminum Sulphate
Phosphoric Acid FertilizersSodium Arsenate
SuperphosphatesSodium Bicarbonate
Potash FertilizersSodium Bichromate
Sewage SludgeSodium Bisulphate And Sodium Sulphate
Two Component Fertilizers (N-P, N-K, P-K)Sodium Bisulphide
Three Component Fertilizers (N-P-K)Sodium Borate
Mineral And Ore ProductsSodium Carbonate
Copper OreSodium Chloride
CryoliteSodium Hypochlorite
 İron OreSodium Fluoride
Lead OreSodium Formate
Manganese OreSodium Hydroxide
Molybdenum OreSodium Perborate
Nickel OreSodium Phosphate
Platinum OreSodium Silicate
Silver OreSodium Silicon Fluoride
Tungsten OreSodium Sulphate
Egg ProductsSodium Thiosulphate
Egg WhiteThorium Carbonate
Egg YolkThorium Nitrate
Whole EggTitanium Dioxide
Food And Plant ProductsTitanium Tetrachloride
Artichoke ExtractsTungsten Carbide
Beef BrothUranium Dioxide
BouillonZinc Arsenate
Cake MixesZinc Carbonate
Chamomile TeaZinc Chloride
Cereals, Pre-CookedZinc Sulphate
Chicken BrothOrganic Chemical Products
ChlorophyllAluminum Stearate
Cocoa MixturesAluminum Triformate
Coffee-ExtractsAmino-Naphthol-Sufphonic Acid
Decaffeinated Coffee ExtractPara-Aminosalicylic Acid
Fat-Flour MixturesAmino Acid
FlavoringsAscorbic Acid
Food ColoringAmmonium Di-Nitro-Ortho Cresol
FrangulaBarbituric Acid Derivate
GarlicBarium Ricinoleate
Hip-ExtractCalcium Acetate
LactoseCalcium Butyrate
Licorice ExtractCalcium Gluconate
Meat PureeCalcium Caseinate
Milk-Coffee MixtureCalcium Lactate
PimentoCalcium Propionate
Plant ProteinCalcium Saccharates
RennetCalcium Stearate
Soup MixesCarboxymethyl Cellulose
Tea ExtractChloramine
Whiteners (Coffee/Tea)Chlorophyll
Fruit And Vegetable ProductsCholine Salts
ApricotCitric Acid
AsparagusEDTA Salt
BananaGlutamic Acid
Citrus Fruits With FillerMaleic Acid
MangoMethyl Acrylic Acid
OnionMethyl Arsenic Acid-Disodium Sulphate
PeachMono-Carbonic Acid
Soft FruitsMono-Ethanol Aminosulphate
TomatoMonochloroacetic Acid Sodium Salt
Carbohydrate ProductsOxalic Acid
Corn Steep LiquorPara-Nitro Phenol
Corn SyrupPerfumes
GlucosePotassium Acetaldehyde Sulphoxylate
Gum ArabicPotassium Acetate
Maize GlutenQuinoline Sulphonate
PectinSodium Acetate
StarchesSodium Acetate Sulphonate
Sugar/Gelatin MixturesSodium Benzoate
SweetenersSodium Di-Oxalate
Total SugarSodium Dimethyl Dithiocarbamate
Wheat FlourSodium Monochloroacetate
Wheat GlutenSodium Salicylate
WortStearic Acid
Pharmaceutical ProductsTartaric Acid
TerramycinZinc Stearate
TetracyclinMilk Products
DextranBaby Food
EnzymesButter (High Fat Products)
Lysine (Amino Acids)Casein
Pharmaceutical GumsCaseinates
VaccinesCocoa Milk With Sugar
VitaminsCoffee Whitener
Yeast ProductsFat-Filled Milk
Fodder YeastFat-Filled Whey
Single-Cell Protein (SCP)Hydrolyzed Milk Products
Yeast ExtractsCream
Tannin ProductsIce Cream Mix
Mangrove ExtractMalted Milk
Mimosa ExtractMilk Replacer
Oak ExtractMixed Milk Products
Pine And Fir ExtractSkim Milk
Tannins From WoodWhey
Chestnut ExtractWhey Protein
Tannins From FruitsSlaughterhouse Products
Myrobalan ExtractAnimal Protein
Fish ProductsBlood
Fish FlourBone Glue
Fish HydrolysatesExcreta
Fish MealGelatin
Fish PulpGlands